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Why ‘THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight’ is my FAVORITE ride at LEGOLAND Florida

  • Tuesday February 23rd 2021
  • Banks Lee
  • Theme Park

THE LEGO® MOVIE™ Masters of Flight

Everything is certainly awesome in THE LEGO MOVIE World! 

But the awesomest part of it all is that there is an amazing adventure happening inside the Dog Theater, and we are invited to join in the fun. It’s ‘THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight! 

So why is Masters of Flight my favorite ride at LEGOLAND?  

For starters, when we arrive, we get paired up with none other than Emmet and get to ride on his TRIPLE-DECKER COUCH! It’s like the double-decker couch, but with one more level.  

Plus, it flies! 

What can be better than flying on a triple-decker couch? Maybe tacos or mac and cheese, but we’ll get to that in another post! 

How about flying through locations from THE LEGO MOVIE 

Cloud Cuckoo Land? Check.  

Middle Zealand? Check.  

The Systar SystemCheckidy check!  

Just be on the lookout for DUPLO, sometimes they can show up without warning. But sometimes they don’t. You never know... 

For the tech-savvy kids out there (and grown-ups), Masters of Flight also has a really cool feature.  

It’s the first flying theater in the country to have a 180-degree turn to begin and end the experience. 

You might be wondering, “, what does that mean, Banks?” 

So one moment you’re facing a wall, maybe you can see your bag in a cubby.  

Then the next moment you are leaning back and the whole row is turning around to reveal a ginormous room where your adventure begins!  

It’s WILD. Check out how that looks in the video below. 

Suspendisse cursus

There’s so much more I could say about Masters of Flight, but I don’t want to spoil any more of it.  

You have to come out to THE LEGO MOVIE World at LEGOLAND Florida Resort and take a ride!  



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