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Welcome to the LEGOLAND Florida Blog!

  • Wednesday January 6th 2021
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Welcome to the official blog of the LEGOLAND Florida Resort – your home for all things TOTALLY awesome.

You may have heard that LEGOLAND Florida is built for kids.

Well, spoiler alert - so is our LEGOLAND blog.

I am so excited to welcome you to the official blog of LEGOLAND Florida Resort – your place for all things TOTALLY awesome and TOTALLY built for kids.

For the first time ever, we’ll be sharing WAY MORE.

That’s right– our blog is sharing MORE LEGOLAND sneak peeks, MORE behind-the-scenes features, MORE bricktastic builds, MORE cool stuff, and MORE must-do's you can only experience at LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

We're giving YOU the tools to build more fun and create the ULTIMATE day of play. And yes, this means you can take charge of your parents and (nicely, of course) be the boss for the day!

So, who’s ready for an adventure?

Strap in. Hang tight. And get ready as we conquer our theme park, dive into our water park, and become PART of the LEGO universe like never before!





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