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The Heart Squad NEEDS Your Help

  • Friday April 23rd 2021
  • Heather Concannon
  • Events, Entertainment, Theme Park


LEGO® Friends Weekends is just around the corner, and Heartlake City is in danger from the evil Dr. Alvah! 

Find out how YOU can find hidden symbols with each member of the Fab Five and “crack the code” to save Heartlake City from Dr. Alvah’s evil power shutdown plan!


Build Robots to the Rescue with Olivia 

Olivia Headshot

Known as the “mad scientist” of the Heart Squad, Olivia loves coding, gadgets and science more than anything.  She is using her “super powers” to help protect Heartlake City and build a super LEGO® robot army. Cool right? 

Olivia needs all the help she can get, and would love for you to create some Robots to the RescueUsing her secret special LEGO build instructions, you can make some awesome robots to save the day the BRICKTASTIC way!


Top the Charts with Andrea 

Andrea Headshot

Whether it's acting, singing, or dancing, Andrea is on her way to become a STAR.  

We heard she is planning her biggest music video during LEGO® Friends Weekends and looking for other stars to shine bright alongside her. Don’t miss your chance for stardom and to Top the Charts with Andrea at Heartlake Hall Sounds Studio


Get Hyped at Stephanie’s Step-A-Thon 

Stephanie Headshot

If there’s one thing our friend, Stephanie, knows it’s that there’s no way to save the city without warming up first!  

Stephanie is known for being super active and her energy is JUST what we need to save Heartlake City. You can jumpstart your day of play in her active movement classStephanie’s Step-A-Thon. 

And when you’re ready to cool down, Stephanie is also sharing her favorite treat with all her friends during the weekend, her Jammin’ GelatoChef Derek will be talking more about treats soon, but TRUST ME, you don’t want to forget to grab some at Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor. 


Stop Emma's Art Cat-astrophe 

Emma Headshot

Do you love drawing and using your imagination to create new worlds? So does Emma! She even created an art gallery in Heartlake City dedicated to her favorite animals – cats! 

But during all the mayhem, a crook stole ALL HER ARTWORK! Get ready to put your art skills to the test and help add more color and furry fun to Emma's Art Cat-astrophe.  

Help Mia Solve The Explorer’s Quest

Mia Headshot

Mia is a friend to the animals, a lover of nature, and the queen of horseback riding with her trusty steed, Bella. You may even know her best from her exciting "riding camp", Mia's Riding Adventure!  

If you love adventure, you won’t want to miss out on helping Mia solve The Explorer’s Quest 

Want to know a secret? We heard you may even find some LEGO treasure at the end... you think you’re up for the challenge? Can you help our LEGO® Friends save Heartlake City and crack the code?  Join the fun May 1-2, 8-9, 15-16! 



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