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  • Thursday April 29th 2021
  • Chef Derrick Orris
  • Events, Food, Theme Park


The Fab Five, Mia, Stephanie, Olivia, Andrea, and Emma, are helping our team to make LEGO® Friends Weekends a whole lot sweeter, by sharing their favorite treats!  

And although we know you don’t need more sugar (because you’re sweet enough already), you CAN’T miss out on these delicious desserts!  

Confetti Cupcake Bites 

Confetti Cupcakes SOCIAL 1.Jpg

No celebration is complete without cake...or in my opinion, cupcakes. 

So put your hands in the air and party like you just don’t care with our Confetti Cupcake Bites.  

Topped with rainbow confetti icing, these bite-sized treats are so yummy, that you probably will want more. 


Stephanie’s Jammin' Gelato and Birthday Ice Creams. 

Jammin Gelato SOCIAL 1

We all know that Stephanie is known for being super active and amazing at sports.  

But after a busy day of playStephanie loves to treat herself to yummy birthday cake ice cream. She thinkit’s the perfect way to cool down after a day of play, which is why she’s sharing some with us at Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor during LEGO® Friends Weekends.  

Pretty Awesome Krispy Pop


Now, I don’t know if this is true, but according to our LEGO® Friends, everything tastes better when it’s pink.  

So, with some teamwork, we created a Pretty Awesome Krispy Pop, sprinkled with pretty pastels. This ooey-gooey marshmallow treat is available up Heartlake Ice Cream Parlor too. 

If you really want to treat yourself and take it up a level, try having some ice cream WITH the Pretty Awesome Krispy Pop. Talk about a SUGAR RUSH. 


Heart Squad’s Perfectly Pink Lemonade

Perfectly Pink Lemonade SOCIAL 1

Now if all those treats have made you thirsty, you’re going to love the Heart Squad’s Perfectly Pink Lemonade at Granny’s Apple Fries.  

This delicious strawberry lemonade with a hint of mint is a favorite of our LEGO Friends. 

Plus, I think it goes great with a side of Apple Fries...if you know what I mean... 


Well, I’m craving these sweets already and the Fab Five can’t wait for you to treat yourself to food, fun, and more during LEGO® Friends Weekends, May 1-2, 8-9, 15-16! And remember - all of these items will be while supplies last.



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