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Coca-Cola Freestyle Cup

Fuel up all day on all-you-can-drink soft drinks using our Coca-Cola Freestyle collector cup with chip technology. That is a lot of awesome for just one cup!

Already purchased a cup? Learn all you need to know about how to redeem your cup and refill locations for your 2024 Coca-Cola Souvenir Freestyle Cup by clicking here.  

Save $2 Online!
Save $2 Online!

Coca-Cola Souvenir Freestyle Cup

  • Includes 1 Souvenir Cup & refills for the day of visit
  • Refills are limited to no more than 1 pour from a Coca-Cola Freestyle® dispenser per 10 minutes.
  • Souvenir cup must be redeemed in the calendar year they were purchased.
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle cup must be redeemed at the Brick Street Coca- Cola FREESTYLE Kiosk.

per cup before taxes

Additional Information

Here is all you need to know about redeeming your cup & where to get your unlimited refills! 

  • You MUST redeem your cup at the Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosk on Brick Street when you enter the Park. This is the ONLY location to activate/redeem your Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup.  
  • There are 3 Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosks throughout the Park. You can get your unlimited refills at any of them. In addition to the kiosks, you can refill at Smokey’s Brick-B-Que located in Bricktopia or Brickbeards Food Market located in LEGO Pirates.  

If you have not purchased your cup online, you are more than welcome to buy when you arrive at the Park. You can purchase a Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup at Smokeys Brick-B-Que located in Bricktopia or Brickbeards Food Market located in LEGO Pirates.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Redemptions are done on Brick Street at the Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosk. This is located right before the MINILAND Arch.

You will need to bring your redemption voucher that is sent to your email with your tickets.  

No, redemptions are only done at our Brick Street Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosk. 

You can refill your Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup at:  

  • Brick Street Coca-Cola Freestyle  
  • Nature Trail Coca-Cola Freestyle  
  • LEGO City Coca-Cola Freestyle  
  • Smokey’s Brick-B-Que  
  • Brickbeard’s Food Market  

Unlimited refills come with your cup! You can refill every 10 minutes.  

You are not able to use your Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup to get unlimited refills from the previous season. Each season we have a new collectible cup, but you are able to use as a water bottle in the Park.  


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