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Package Pick up at LEGOLAND New York

Package Pick Up

Complimentary package pick-up is available for purchases made with a reusable bag at any of the retail locations inside of the Park. Make your purchases, play all day, and then pick them up on your way out of the Park at Mini Market. Staying at one of our Hotels? We’ll bring it over and leave it with the Front Desk!

Personalize Bricks at LEGOLAND New York

Personalize Your Bricks

Make memories you can take home with an extra special souvenir! Stop by Bricktopia Bazaar, next to LEGO® Factory Adventure Ride, to personalize LEGO® bricks and other LEGO items with custom engraving.

Portable Charger station at LEGOLAND New York

Portable Chargers

Battery running low? Portable charges are available to rent at $10 a day and can be returned to any charging station. Located in Park at The BIG Shop, Builder’s Guild in LEGO Castle, and Brickbeard’s Food Market in LEGO Pirates. Staying at the Hotel? There is a charging station available there as well!

Rent a Locker at LEGOLAND New York

Rent a Locker

Lockers are available for rent in Build + Test in Bricktopia and near the Water Playground in LEGO CITY. Rentals prices range from $12 to $16 for the day, depending on the size of the locker, and use a secure, keyless system.

Rent a Stroller at LEGOLAND New York

Rent a Stroller or Mobility Device

Strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis, at the front of the Park in Mini Market. Rental pricing for strollers is $16 to $22, wheelchairs are $14, and ECVs are $56.

Cash to Card at LEGOLAND New York

Cash-to-Card Kiosks

LEGOLAND New York Resort is cashless and will only accept credit or debit cards in the theme park and hotel.​

For your convenience, we offer three Cash-to-Card Kiosks where you can quickly and effortlessly turn cash into a prepaid card that can be used as a VISA card throughout the Resort.​

Cash-to-Card Kiosk locations:​

• Next to the Ticket Windows by the Restrooms​

• In The BIG Shop​

• In First Aid/Family Care in LEGO CITY ​

DUPLO® Family Care Center at LEGOLAND New York

DUPLO® Family Care Center

The perfect quiet space to care for your family! Located in LEGO CITY, this space provides private nursing areas, bottle warming, a fridge and microwave, changing areas, and is the home to the Park's sensory room.

First Aid Care at LEGOLAND New York

First Aid

If you begin to feel ill or find that you require medical assistance, please visit First Aid. Medics are available during Park operating hours for basic First Aid Assistance to allow you to continue enjoying your visit. If you’re unable to walk to First Aid, please tell the nearest Model Citizen and a medic may be able to assist you within the Park.​

•Two locations in Park: on Brick Street by Guest Services and in LEGO CITY next to the Water Playground

Dryer Station at LEGOLAND New York


Wet from all the SPLASH-tastic fun? Drop into a Haystack Dryer found in LEGO Pirates by Rogue Riders and at the Water Playground.


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