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Safety Policy Updates

For the safety and experience of our guests, we have updated our rules & policies to provide a more AWESOME experience for everyone who visits in the Park.

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Camera Policy Questions

You are welcome to film your experience while walking through the Park. Please note that LEGOLAND will not allow your GoPro or Cameras of any kind to be used while riding. It is considered a loose article and could harm you or other passengers. We do not allow video taping on any of the attractions.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, LEGOLAND New York Resort prohibits the operation of or use of any unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as 'Drones' on, from, or above LEGOLAND New York Resort without permission from a LEGOLAND New York official.

Yes. Once you enter the Park, all guests have the right to film, video, record or photograph on Park property, excluding rides and attractions.

Bag Policy Questions

The accepted bag size into the Park is 24"L x 15"W x 18"H.

No, your bag must be able to be hand carried or carried as a backpack.

No, we have a 1 bag per person limit.

You are permitted to bring a small cooler into the Park. This must be hand or back carried. Coolers & bags with wheels are not permitted. All coolers will be searched.

Food Policy Questions

Yes, you can bring small snacks into the Park. No trays of food, or outside meals are permitted in the Park.

Yes, Please contact legolandf& for any dietary needs.

No outside alcohol is permitted entry into the park.

Yes, sealed water bottles are permitted in the Park as well as reusable water bottles.

Stroller & Luggage Policy Questions

Strollers must be a max width of 31" and a max length of 52".

Wagons are not permitted into the park however accommodations can be made if you have an accessibility need. Please complete the form on this webpage. All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and we will contact you.

The reduction of stroller sizes is intended to ease guest flow and reduce congestion, making the park experience more enjoyable for everyone who visits. Many strollers, including many double jogging strollers, fit within these guidelines.

We have strollers available for rent in the Park. If you have further questions, please visit Guest Services.

Although luggage Is not permitted in the Park, you can drop your bags off at the Hotel & enjoy a day in the Park!

Although luggage Is not permitted in the Park, you can drop your bags off at the Hotel you're staying at & enjoy a day in the Park!

Other Policy Questions

No, we have benches and seating throughout the park for our guests.

For the safety of yourself & other guests, these items are not permitted into the Park under any circimstance.

For the safety of yourself & other guests, wheelie shoes are not permitted under any circumstance into the Park.

To ensure the safety of drivers in the parking lot, tailgating and grilling is prohibited under any circumstance.

Our Policies

Learn more about our policies in detail below.