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Hotel Technology & Convenience

We’re proud to offer the very latest in hotel technology, so to provide our guest with convenient, contactless access to information, staff and services throughout their stay with us.

Get to Know Your Voice Activated Concierge:
Meet our Service Wizard! Each room comes equipped with a Google Device that will act as your voice activated concierge. Just say “Hey Google, Talk to my Hotel” to ask any questions you may have about the Hotel or the Park.

Contactless Checkout
Checkout through you in room TV.  Select "checkout" on your TV main menu screen.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There are (4) charging stations in the Hotel parking lot. (2) are located in handicap spots in front of pool and (2) more are located along retaining wall side of lot.
In addition, there are (2) charging stations in Lot B. They are located toward the front of the lot, far side.
PLEASE be considerate of other Guests:
• Limit Charging Time to 2 Hours
• No Overnight Charging
• Space for Charging Only