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Winning Submission for "Name the Big Red Dino" Contest

  • Wednesday March 31st 2021
  • Brick Street

Dino Win Header 2

When you enter LEGOLAND® New York Resort, you are greeted by a friendly face -- the Big Red Dino on Brick Street! When it first hatched, it never received a name. Thanks to our guests, it now has one. 

We received over 5,200 awesome names but could only choose one. After a long judging process, it was narrowed down to only a few and our Model Citizens voted for their favorite. 

When you enter Brick Street, you can wave hello to the dino and address it by its new name:

Name Announce STICKERP NG

BRAD (Big Red Awesome Dino)

Special thanks to Luke D. for the amazing name and awesome acronym!

Be sure to stop by, say hi, and take a pic with BRAD on Brick Street!