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5 Must-Sees in Miniland

  • Friday March 4th 2022
  • Miniland, Things to Do


See a whole country all in one day at MINILAND! Take in 10 destinations of amazing scenery and city skylines from coast to coast – all built out of LEGO bricks! (22,231,368 of them… give or take a few.) 

There is so much to see, you need to visit a few times to take it all in! On your next visit, here are five things you must check out in Miniland! 

1. Miniland New York

There is so much happening in the city that never sleeps! Take a peek at all the fun billboards – you might even see yourself! 

Miniland Midtown Times Square

2. Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty watches over everyone at LEGOLAND New York. She is made up of about 35,200 LEGO pieces. She was designed in 27 hours and built in 174 hours. 

Statue Of Liberty Miniland LLNYR

3. Miniland East Coast

Miniland East Coast at LEGOLAND New York is the first LEGOLAND Park to feature portions of Philadelphia and Boston! Be sure to keep an eye out for the Boston Tea Party!

Boston Tea Party LLNYR 1

4. Mount Rushmore

This model is unique to LEGOLAND New York Resort. It took 2 LEGO Model Designers 480 hours just to design. They also sing and talk! 

IMG 7824

5. Golden Gate Bridge

Stop by San Francisco and take in the Golden Gate Bridge. It is built out of about 31,800 LEGO pieces, spans 21 feet, and weighs 454 lbs!

Golden Gate Bridge LLNYR

There is so much more to see in Miniland! Plan your visit today! 


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