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Meet & Greets

Meet a variety of your favorite LEGO® characters at Meet & Greets throughout the park!

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Meet & Greet

Brick Street Meet & Greet

You never know which of our Minifigures may join us at​ the front of the park our friends love to welcome all our guests.

Theme Park, Brick Street

Meet & Greet

Bricktopia Meet & Greet

Come meet our friends inside of Creative Workshop to get inspired and​ spark your imagination and creativity!

Theme Park, Bricktopia

Meet & Greet

Castle Meet & Greet

Lady Knight and Jester GOGO may grace us with their presence!​ But if you see Jester Jokes around, you’re sure to experience​ a whole different kind of visit at LEGO® Castle!

Theme Park, LEGO Castle

Meet & Greet

LEGO® CITY Meet & Greet

It may be busy in the big city but Police Officer, Tourist Tom,​ and more are always happy to stop for a photo.

Theme Park, LEGO City

Meet & Greet

LEGO® NINJAGO® Meet & Greet

Find your inner ninja and pose with one of your favorite​ LEGO® NINJAGO® Characters just outside the entrance to​ NINJAGO the Ride! Special guests may include Kai, Nya,​ Lloyd, or even Master Wu.

Theme Park, LEGO® NINJAGO® World

Meet & Greet

LEGO® Pirates Meet & Greet

Come see which pirates have come ashore for a meet and​ greet outside Brickbeard’s Food Market, including Princess​ Patch and Shark Suit Guy himself!

Theme Park, LEGO Pirates

Meet & Greet

Minifigure Trading

At LEGOLAND® New York Resort, we love Minifigure Trading! Have you seen a Minifigure on a Model Citizen’s Brick Badge that you LOVED? Did you know that you may trade for it?

Theme Park, Various


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