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Pop Badge Collecting

Pop badges introduce a whole new adventure to the LEGOLAND® experience! Pop badges are LEGOLAND® California Resort’s awesome collector badges. Each badge is fun and unique in its own way – from your favorite LEGO® Minifigure to unique shapes or scratch and sniff!

Pop Badges on Lanyard with LEGOLAND California Logo

Start Collecting Today

LEGOLAND® pop badges can be found across the Resort at different rides, attractions, experiences, and retail shops! Pop badges are badges that can be “popped” open to be worn on your shirt or a lanyard, so you can proudly display your new find! 

Start collecting today and share your collection with us on Social Media using #LEGOLANDCalifornia and #PopBadgeChallenge 

Mr Gold Pop Badge on Model Citizen Jacket

What is a Mr. Gold Pop Badge?

One of our most exciting pop badge challenges is the search for the elusive Mr. Gold! The Mr. Gold pop badge can only be found by spotting the badge on our Model Citizens and only a small amount are released each day. 

Want to get your hands on one? Here’s how: 

  • Keep your eye out as you're walking the Resort for the exclusive Mr. Gold pop badge. 
  • Ask Model Citizens “Do you have Mr. Gold?” and you may be in store for a special surprise! 
  • Mr. Gold is a very special collector pop badge, so if you find one make sure to keep him extra special and safe. This special pop badge will be a memory from your LEGOLAND experience that you'll never forget!

2023 Exclusive Space Baby Pop Badge

Limited-Time Exclusive

Space Baby blasted off into hyperspace on an adventure and landed in LEGO® CITY Space here at LEGOLAND® California! With so much fun to see, Space Baby is exploring the Resort and we need your help to find him and launch him back on his mission.

Ask Model Citizens during your visit "Have you seen Space Baby" to find the EXCLUSIVE Space Baby pop badge! Good luck earthlings on your Space Baby mission!

  • Space Baby has landed and is available for a limited time. As an exclusive pop badge, only a small amount will be released each day.
  • Space Baby is a very special collector pop badge to add to your collection and serves as the special prize for this pop badge challenge!
  • If you find Space Baby, share your mission with us using #LEGOLANDCalifornia and #PopBadgeChallenge


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