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Educational Talk & Feeding Demonstration Times

Be sure to join us for one of our educational talks or feeding demonstrations throughout the day! They're a great way to learn something new about the amazing creatures here at SEA LIFE, how we care for them and what you can do to help protect marine species around the world.

All educational talks & feeding demonstrations are included with your ticket.

Dive Discovery

Learn the secrets of the sea from our marine experts and meet a diver in our family-favorite Dive Show.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
1:00 PM
SEA LIFE®, ShipWreck

Interactive Rockpool Experience

Get hands on! Are you brave enough to touch a sea star? Now's your chance to find out at our Southern California Rockpool.

All Day
SEA LIFE®, Touchpool

Ocean Discovery

Come meet the awesome animals in our 200,000 gallon ocean habitat and learn about how we can help protect our oceans!

4:00 PM
SEA LIFE®, ShipWreck

Ocean Habitat Feed

Come watch as our aquarists feed the sharks, rays, and fish in our tropical ocean habitat!

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
1:00 PM
SEA LIFE®, ShipWreck

Radical Rays

See if you have what it takes to become a shark and stingray expert!

2:00 PM
SEA LIFE®, Ray Lagoon

Reptile Encounter

Meet one of our reptile ambassadors and discover how we can help protect these amazing animals!

12:00 PM & 3:00 PM
SEA LIFE®, Ranger Station

Science Demonstrations

Participate in a fun science of the sea experiment and learn about how climate change is impacting our oceans.

2:30 PM
SEA LIFE®, Shark Mission

Seaside Storytime

Come listen to a story about keeping our oceans clean and participate in a fun conservation activity!

5:00 PM
SEA LIFE®, ShipWreck

Tidepool All-Stars

Come meet the all-star animals in our tidepools and discover all the special ways they protect themselves in their harsh tidepool homes.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
11:00 AM
SEA LIFE®, California Coast


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