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Ride stats

You must be at least 90cm to ride

Children between 90cm and 130cm requires an adult rider

Not suitable for riders with heart or back problems or pregnant riders

Little Builder

Ride photos available

Skill and determination are the keys to a successful expedition as you attempt to recover stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns as you ride through the Lost Kingdom.

Height Requirements:

Rider must be at least 90cm and 2 years old.

Riders under 130cm must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Dark ride. Shoot targets with your blaster to score points. Each car holds up to 2 people.

Guests are required to sit in an upright position. Upper body control is required to fire the blaster; however, the ride can still be experienced without using this.

Wheelchair Access: Q-Fast entrance

Ride Access Pass Entry: Q-Fast entrance

Book Short Break

Book Short Break

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2 Guests
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