Host Community Fee


Merlin Entertainments increases LEGOLAND® New York community benefits for Goshen at the Town Board's request.

Plans include half-price ticket discounts for Town residents and two Community Days annually that will generate fundraising opportunities

GOSHEN, N.Y. (April 28, 2017)

– Merlin Entertainments plc, at the request of representatives of the Town of Goshen Town Board, has increased the proposed host community benefits of LEGOLAND® New York for Goshen residents.

These increased benefits from the existing proposal include:

 Every year, LEGOLAND New York will host two Community Days for the Town of Goshen and donate 50 percent of the revenue from the sale of tickets to the Park to the Town of Goshen – creating a unique opportunity for fundraising by the Town. This program will be similar to Community Days at other LEGOLAND Parks. Since LEGOLAND


® California in1999, Community Day has provided $899,259 in cash donations to community organizations.

 A 50 percent discount on standard one-day tickets to LEGOLAND New York for all Goshen residents for their own use. Valid proof of Goshen residency required for each ticket.

 LEGOLAND New York would pay the Town of Goshen $500,000 of the Host Community Fee at the beginning of each calendar year, with the balance depending on actual attendance paid at the end of the calendar year.

 LEGOLAND New York would pay the Town’s actual costs to develop additional drinking water resources to supplement the existing water supply for Arcadia Hills.

LEGOLAND New York is offering to pay the Town of Goshen a host community fee for every visitor to the Park. For each visitor up to 2 million, LEGOLAND New York would pay the Town of Goshen 65 cents, and 20 cents for each visitor thereafter – with no cap on payments. This would provide the Town of Goshen with at least $1.3 million annually, based on 2 million visitors, and substantially more depending on the success of the Park. Previously, Merlin Entertainments agreed to include a minimum payment based on 800,000 visitors, and to increase the annual rate by 1.5 percent per year. These payments would continue for 30 years, even though LEGOLAND New York has reduced its PILOT request from a 30-year to a 20-year term – which means that the Town would receive full tax revenue and the host community fee simultaneously between years twenty and thirty.

The revised and improved benefits to the Town of Goshen will be included in a Host Community Benefit Agreement that will be voted on by the Town Board, to take effect if the Town Board votes to pass a local law modifying the zoning to allow the LEGOLAND project.

"If approved, and there is a successful completion of the environmental review by the Planning Board and the zoning is modified as proposed, this Host Community Benefit Agreement will go into effect and be a tremendous benefit to all the residents and property owners in the Town," said Town Supervisor Doug Bloomfield. "The addition of these most recent benefits again shows that LEGOLAND is doing more than its part in being a good corporate neighbor and truly benefiting the community in a substantial and meaningful way."

Over 30 years, the Town of Goshen is anticipated to receive approximately $71 million in revenue from the host community fee, PILOT payments and tax payments.

"We believe these most recent enhancements to the proposed 30-year host community fee agreement offered to the Town of Goshen will have a tremendous and positive fiscal impact for the Town," said Head of Community & Project Relations for LEGOLAND New York Phil Royle. "We thank the Town Board for its interest in working with LEGOLAND to achieve an agreement that we are all proud of and can put before the entire Goshen Town Board."

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LEGOLAND New York, come to the Community Welcome Center at 6 N. Church St. in Goshen to visit and review plans.