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4D Theater

  • Theme Park, Fun Town

Immerse yourself in an original 4D film at our largest indoor theater, then meet some of the 4D stars after the show!

Current 4D films include:

LEGO® City 4D - Officer in Pursuit!: This movie will put you right in the middle of the action and have the entire family laughing out loud! A mischievous crook is on the loose and making his way through the streets of the busy metropolis - our local LEGO City Police Officers need your help! Put your skills to the test in this chaotic pursuit full of water, wind and bubble effects as you race to put this thief behind bars.

THE LEGO® MOVIE™ 4D: A New Adventure: Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, MetalBeard and Benny reunite at the invitation of a shady new character, Risky Business, who plans to open a curious theme park bearing a suspicious resemblance to LEGOLAND. Find out if this reunion is too good to be true or if this is a part of an evil secret plot!

LEGO® NINJAGO®: Master of the 4th Dimension: Join the LEGO® NINJAGO® heroes at a very special LEGOLAND training session! Become part of the 4D action as not everything goes to plan with the ninjas needing your help in mastering the 4th Dimension – the universe depends on it!

LEGO® Mythica: Journey to Mythica: Follow Bob, a courageous little Alicorn on a 4D adventure into MYTHICA. There he will experience enchanted forests, raging seas, hidden caves, fire, and ice. He will have to escape Chimera, soar with Maximus the Sky Lion, and make a splash with the Duo the Hydra, all before discovering his true powers.

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