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  • What are the size/height restrictions for the rides at LEGOLAND Florida?

    Ride height and size restriction information is available online and within the park at each attraction. Being able to fit within the restraints comfortably and safely is a requirement set by each of the ride manufacturers and a key factor for the safety of our guests. Therefore, if the safety belt or lap bar does not secure the rider in the seat properly, you would be asked to exit the ride prior to its start up.


  • Are there any additional restrictions or requirements for rides at LEGOLAND Florida?

    Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests. Due to the nature of some of our outdoor attractions, certain clothing including crop tops, bathing suits and more may be prohibited for your own safety. Visible tattoos that could be considered inappropriate, such as those containing objectionable language or designs, are not permitted. Special events may have additional attire guidelines.

    For additional inquiries, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page.


  • Do any of the rides/attractions have additional limitations?

    Forestmen's Hideout and The Quest for CHI close at dusk.

  • Are there ride restrictions for guests who have a cast?

    Due to the nature of our attractions, as well as the restrictions put in place by our ride manufacturers, many attractions do not allow full arm or full leg casts.  For safety, LEGOLAND Florida does not recommend that guests with casts ride any attraction. Detailed information is available online and at guest services.


  • What attractions and activities are available for children with no minimum height restriction?

    View our guide of rides and attractions that have no minimum height requirement, What to Do When You are Two, or pick up a copy at Guest Services on your visit!

  • Does LEGOLAND Florida offer Parent Swap for rides?

    LEGOLAND Florida offers our visiting parents, who have children that meet and don’t meet the minimum height restriction, the opportunity to do a “Child Swap” at any ride that parents are allowed to ride. All members of the party are required to wait in line together. When you reach the front, let the ride operator know of your intention, so that he can accommodate you. When the first ride is over, the parents may then switch places and the other parent can then ride with the older child.

  • Which rides are safe for a pregnant guest?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a specific answer as to which rides a pregnant person would be able to ride due to varying medical issues with each pregnancy and the differences with each ride regarding the loading and unloading procedures, speed, abrupt stops, amount of twists, turns, etc.

    Most coaster type rides post warnings "Not recommended for pregnancy" and although, other rides do not post the same warning, it is always advisable to comply with your doctor's recommendations.

     Guest safety is very important to us and we hope that all guests are able to enjoy as much of the Park possible. We value your patronage and want to express our congratulations on the upcoming birth of your new baby.

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