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The Great LEGO® Race Combines Roller Coaster Thrills with Virtual Reality Tech in Awesome New Adventure at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort Print

World’s First VR Coaster #BuiltForKids Immerses Riders in Zany Race Against LEGO Minifigure Competitors in 360-Degree Brick-Built World

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (March 23, 2018) — Brick fans, start your engines! The newest attraction at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort combines roller coaster thrills with virtual reality (VR) technology to put guests in the center of an action-packed road rally where the laws of physics and aerodynamics only loosely apply.

Now open at the multi-day vacation destination, The Great LEGO® Race invites guests into a virtual world where they’re the star of a rollicking race against several LEGO minifigure competitors – all while taking an exciting roller coaster ride.

Wearing optional VR headsets while riding the roller coaster, guests experience the point of view of a LEGO race car driver with action taking place in every direction — up, down, forward, backward and all points in between — in a dazzling environment where everything is made of LEGO bricks.

The wild and wacky race pits guests against a LEGO pirate, wizard, surfer, trendsetter and pharaoh driving brick-built vehicles like a rocket-powered windsurfing rig, a stylish scooter fueled by espresso and an ornately canopied bed (called a “litter”) carried by mummy servants.

The adventure begins as guests step through the ride’s bold new entry portal, which features giant versions of several minifigure racers and their custom LEGO vehicles. The nearby queue is filled with colorful graphics representing each of the five racing teams, with themed elements to entertain waiting riders and video screens demonstrating the virtual reality experience.

Once guests are dispatched aboard the ride vehicles, sophisticated technology syncs the virtual visuals with the roller coaster’s twists, turns, drops and climbs, creating an all-new experience filled with action, surprises and humor — an experience only LEGOLAND could create.

Developed under the supervision of Merlin Magic Making, the company’s global creative and delivery division, The Great LEGO Race is the first virtual reality roller coaster experience designed for kids and represents the first time the LEGO brand and minifigure characters have been integrated with the state-of-the-art technology in a theme park attraction.

“The Great LEGO Race was inspired by the way kids play with LEGO toys at home,” said Candy Holland, senior creative director for Merlin Magic Making. “It’s a unique LEGO adventure that lets kids enter an epic, imaginary world made entirely from LEGO bricks, featuring a host of different themes and fun LEGO characters all mixed up together.”

A preview of the VR experience is available through MackMedia’s Coastiality mobile app (www.coastiality.com/en/) for iOS, Android and Oculus devices from the App Store, Google Play and the Oculus Store. It’s free to download and can be enjoyed with or without a VR headset.

Awesome awaits

LEGOLAND Florida Resort features more than 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by popular LEGO and DUPLO® brands, including awesome experiences based on “The LEGO Movie,” “LEGO NINJAGO®: Masters of Spinjitzu,” LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS, LEGO City, LEGO Technic and LEGO Friends, plus LEGOLAND Water Park and on-site accommodations at the 152-room LEGOLAND Hotel and the 166-room LEGOLAND Beach Retreat.

Throughout the year, guests can enjoy an incredible lineup of special events included with all forms of theme park admission. This year’s lineup features LEGO® Star Wars Days (May 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20), Firefighter Friday (Oct. 5), Brick or Treat (select dates in October), KIDZ BOP Weekend (Nov. 10-12), Christmas Bricktacular (select dates in December) and Kids’ New Year’s Party (select dates in late December).

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The Great LEGO Race Fact Sheet & Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Great LEGO® Race?

  • The Great LEGO Race is a “Wild Mouse”-style roller coaster where riders at least 6 years old and 48 inches tall (1.21m) can wear optional virtual reality (VR) headsets to experience the point-of-view of a LEGO minifigure race car driver in an original story created exclusively for LEGOLAND® theme parks.
  • With animated action taking place in 360 degrees, riders race against five LEGO minifigures through brick-built environments that include a desert, mountain, forest, volcano and rushing river.

Who are the LEGO minifigure competitors?

  • Pirate Captain; Team Pirate - He steers a dinghy with a turbine-powered sail.
  • Pharaoh; Team Pharaoh - He rides an ornate canopied bed (called a “litter”) carried by mummified servants.
  • Surfer Girl; Team Surfer - She rides a rocket-powered windsurfing rig.
  • Trendsetter; Team Trendy - She rides an espresso-fueled scooter with a sidecar for her tiny dog.
  • Wizard; Team Wizard - He drives a dragon-themed hot-rod.

Roller coaster stats

  • Length:      1,312.3 feet (399.99 meters)
  • Height:       51.8 feet (15.79 meters)
  • Drop:         49.8 feet (15.18 meters)
  • Speed:       35 mph (56.327 kph)

Who can ride?

  • Under 42 inches (1.06m): Not tall enough to ride yet! Check out other exciting attractions like AQUAZONE Wave Racers, Technicycle, Kid Power Towers, The Dragon and LEGO NINJAGO® The Ride.
  • 42-47 inches (1.06m-1.19m): Can ride without the VR headset when accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years or older and at least 48 inches tall (1.21m), who must ride without the VR headset to supervise his or her companion.
  • 48 inches (1.21m) and above: Can ride with or without the VR headset if he or she is alone. If he or she is supervising a companion rider 42-47 inches (1.06m-1.19m), both riders cannot wear the VR headset.
  • Guests must be at least 6 years old and 48 inches tall (1.21m) in order to wear the VR headset.
  • Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride vehicle with assistance from a member of their party. While LEGOLAND Model Citizens are happy to assist, they are not permitted to lift guests into or out of a ride vehicle.
  • Guests with full leg casts and/or full arm casts are not permitted to ride. Guests must have one natural leg to the end of the kneecap, and one fully constructed natural or prosthetic leg. Guests must have one arm (including a prosthetic) that can continuously grasp and they must fit securely within the ride restraint mechanisms. All prosthetic devices must be secured or stored before riding.

Can guests ride the roller coaster without wearing the VR headset?

  • Yes. A guest 48 inches (1.21m) or taller can ride with or without the VR headset if he or she is alone. If he or she is supervising a companion rider 42-47 inches (1.06m-1.19m), both riders cannot wear the VR headset.
  • Guests 42-47 inches (1.06m-1.19m) can ride without the VR headset when accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years or older and at least 48 inches tall (1.21m), who must ride without the VR headset to supervise his or her companion.

Can guests remove the VR headset while riding?

  • Guests can safely remove the VR headset at any point while riding. The headset is tethered to the ride vehicle before departing the loading platform.
  • If a guest removes the headset or it slips off while riding, they should hold it in their lap for the remainder of the ride.
  • If the VR animation stops or goes black due to technical difficulties while riding, guests should remove the headset and hold it in their lap for the remainder of the ride.

Are the VR headsets cleaned between guests?

LEGOLAND Model Citizens wipe each headset clean with a sanitizing pad after each use. Headsets are inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.

Who created The Great LEGO Race?

  • The Great LEGO Race was developed over 2½ years under the supervision of Merlin Magic Making (MMM), the global creative and delivery division of LEGOLAND parent company Merlin Entertainments Group.
  • MMM worked closely with Germany’s MACK Rides, which manufactured the roller coaster, and MACK’s VR Coaster subsidiary, which supplied the technology that synchronizes moving ride vehicles with virtual reality imagery.
  • UK-based Figment Productions created the 360-degree animation to the specifications of The LEGO Group, ensuring that the digital environment faithfully represents models and landscapes that could be built out of real LEGO bricks.

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