NINJA Training Camp

It’s time for kids everywhere to Be NINJA! join Master Wu’s crew at LEGOLAND® Dubai between 15 – 30 September where you can enrol at NINJA HQ and train to become NINJA. Lloyd and his warrior NINJA friends need your help to defeat evil Warlord Garmadon! Train like a NINJA, think like a NINJA and move like a NINJA. Do you have what it takes?!

  • Meet the NINJAGO characters

    Get your photo taken with the NINJAs themselves!

  • See our NINJAGO® show live

    Watch Master Wu and the NINJAs in action at our awesome interactive show

  • Prepare to defeat Garmadon!

    Get your special Mission Map and NINJA Headband as you train to Be NINJA!

Meet the original ninja

It takes great skill, dedication, and fearlessness to become one of the chosen ones. Not everyone can harness an elemental power and master the arts of Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.

Ninja of Fire

Ninja of Water

Ninja of Earth

Ninja of Ice

Ninja of Lightning

Master of Spinjitzu, Trainer and Mentor