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  • What is included in a LEGOLAND Dubai School Trip?

    -          1-day admission ticket to LEGOLAND Dubai

    -          Kid’s Lunch Pack including meal & a choice of water, fruit juice or soft drink

    -          Teacher’s Lunch Pack including meal & a choice of water, fruit juice or soft drink

    -          1 workshop or building experience per child (subject to availability & advance booking)

    -          All in-park rides, attractions & shows! 

    -1-day admission ticket to LEGOLAND Dubai 

    -Kid’s Lunch Pack including meal & a choice of water, fruit juice or soft drink 

    -Teacher’s Lunch Pack including meal & a choice of water, fruit juice or soft drink

    -1 workshop or building experience per child (subject to availability & advance booking) 

    -All in-park rides, attractions & shows! 

  • What’s not included LEGOLAND Dubai School Trip?

    - Any additional food & beverage
    - Retail items
    - In-park skills games
    - Admission to LEGOLAND® Water Park.
    (Please note we do offer packages that include LEGOLAND Water Park, please speak to your sales representative for more information.)

  • What if we want to stay longer after the school program is complete?

    Your admission ticket is valid for 1-day so you are welcome to stay and explore the LAND of AWESOME during our normal operating hours, as long as children have adult supervision.  

  • Is bus parking available?

    School buses can park for free but advance notice is required. Private cars will incur parking fees. 

  • Do you cater for vegetarians?

    Yes, all our outlets offer vegetarian options.   If you have a large group requiring vegetarian meals, please do let us know in advance so we can plan appropriately.  

  • Can we bring outside food to LEGOLAND Dubai?

    No, unless special food is required for allergies, religious or other special dietary requirements.  Please let us know in advance if this applies to your group or if you need more information. 

  • Can you cater for food allergies?

    Yes, we can supply a guide from each outlet to confirm menu options and highlight special dietary requirements.  However,  we cannot guarantee all food products are allergen free. If you have a severe allergy, we are happy for you to bring your own food but please confirm in advance.  

  • Do we have lockers?

    Yes, lockers can be rented and are located in FACTORY.  

  • Can we hire strollers or wheelchairs?

    Yes, they are available for rent and are located in FACTORY next to the corner shop or at the car park entrance in RIVERLAND.

  • What if I get lost or a child is missing?

    Please contact your LEGOLAND Group coordinator ASAP.
    Please also speak to your nearest Model Citizen (LEGOLAND Dubai employee) & let them know you are lost & they will help you get to Guest Services, where we can help you find your group.
    All lost children will be escorted to the Guest Service, in FACTORY near the exit, so don’t worry.

  • Can students who do not reach the height requirement, ride with an accompanied adult?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. We adhere to strict height guidelines provided by the ride manufacturer to insure the safety of all our guests.  Please see our web site for more information.  That being said there are many attractions which do not have height requirements:

    -          Sea Port

    -          DUPLO Valley

    -          FACTORY Tour

    -          LEGO® Studios 4D

    -          CITY Stage

    -          MINLAND

    -          All building experiences, one in each land

    -          Character meet and greets

  • What happens if a student has lost a personal belonging?

    Please contact your LEGOLAND Dubai guide or visit Guest Services and report any lost or found items.

  • Where is Guest Services located?

    Guest Services is located in FACTORY, opposite of The BIG Shop.

  • Where is First Aid?

    First Aid is located in LEGO CITY, on the right as you exit MINILAND & is next to Market Restaurant.

  • Do you have a Baby Care Room?

    Yes, it is located in IMAGINATION, next to Fried Chicken Company & also in the LEGOLAND Water Park.  Here we offer a private area for nursing, changing tables and a small area for preparing baby food. 

  • Are Prayer Rooms available within LEGOLAND Dubai?

    Yes, we have male & female prayer rooms located in FACTORY Street, IMAGINATION & also in LEGOLAND Water Park. 

  • Do we have ATM’s in the park?

    Yes, we have an ATM in the Friends Clubhouse in IMAGINATION and another opening shortly at the main LEGOLAND Dubai entrance.