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Reserve N Ride

Less Waiting, More Playing!

Spend your day creating memorable experiences, not waiting in lines with our Reserve 'N' Ride Electronic Ride Reservation System. Reserve 'N' Ride allows you to maximize your fun and ride when it's your turn!

Simply select the ride you want on your Reserve ‘N’ Ride device, and it will reserve your place. You'll get an alert when it's your turn to ride to head to the special Reserve 'N' Ride entrance. The higher the level, the less time you wait between making your reservation and being able to ride. 

Guests with Reserve 'N' Ride have the choice of using a handheld device or their mobile phone to make ride reservations from anywhere in the Park. 

STEP 1: Choose How Much to Reduce Your Wait

Step 2: Choose When to Buy It

LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride, Knight's Tournament and LEGO® CITY: Deep Sea Adventure reservations can only be made once by Express users and twice by Deluxe users. Ultimate users have no limit on reservations per day. Reservation restrictions are subject to change without notice.  Reservation restrictions may apply to more rides than listed here.  Please inquire at the sales booth for the most current information regarding ride restrictions.  Prices vary by day and service level. Prices are subject to change without notice. Walk up prices may differ from online sale prices.