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*The information below addresses all pass types including Play Passes purchased from Costco and LEGOLAND Resort

How does the closure of LEGOLAND California Resort impact Annual and Monthly Pay Passes?
All active Annual Pass Members and Play Pass Holders, who are not currently enrolled in Monthly Pay, will receive an extension in monthly increments depending on the amount of time LEGOLAND California is closed. All active Monthly Pay Pass Members in good standing will have their monthly payments suspended starting April 1, 2020 until the Park reopens.

Questions relating to Annual Pay Passes. 

  • Monthly Pay Passes are addressed below the Annual Pay Pass questions.

Q: I’ve bought an Annual Pass voucher online and I have not yet redeemed it. Will the validity of this be extended?  Annual Passes purchased online require redemption within 90 days of purchase and the 12 months of the pass begin on the day it is redeemed.  We will extend the redemption date on the voucher for the number of days we are closed.

Q: I’ve bought a Costco Play Pass voucher and I have not yet redeemed it. Will the validity of this be extended? The COSTCO Play Pass voucher redemption deadline has been extended until September 30, 2021 and unused Buddy Tickets as of March 14, 2020 have been extended to visit through January 31, 2022 with the following Blackout dates:

  • Memorial Day Weekend May 28-30, 2021
  • July 2-4, 2021
  • All Saturdays in July and August
  • Labor Day Weekend September 4-6, 2021
  • All Saturdays in October
  • December 26, 2021 – January 1, 2022

Please note that all visits will require an online reservation prior to arrival. Our online reservation system will be made available upon confirmation of a reopening date.

Q: Now that your attraction has closed, I’m not able to use my Annual Pass. I’ve already paid for the year. Will I be compensated for the closure?
As LEGOLAND California is closed, we will be extending your Annual Pay Pass to account for the period of time that LEGOLAND is closed. We’ll be taking care of this for you, so there’s no need to get in touch with our customer service team. Your existing Pass will be automatically extended in our ticketing system – so once LEGOLAND reopens, your Pass will scan as normal at entry. You are not required to have your Pass card reprinted. We are not offering refunds to those who have paid for the Annual Pass as this is a non-refundable product. (see the section: Terms and Conditions; Rules and Regulations at

Q: You’ve agreed to add make-up days to my Pass. How many days will I receive?
Once LEGOLAND Re-opens, we will add monthly increments to your Pass which will be based on the duration of the closure.  Blackout dates by pass type still apply.
You do not need to contact our customer service team to get the extra months added to your Pass.

Q: My Pass expires while LEGOLAND is closed. Will you be extending my Pass?

Yes, we will be extending your Pass if it expires during the period that LEGOLAND is closed, as we recognize that you have not been able to visit during the closure.

You do not need to contact our customer service team to ensure your Pass will be revalidated.

Questions relating to Monthly Pay Passes. 

Q: Now that LEGOLAND has closed, I’m not able to use my Monthly Pay Membership Pass. Can I cancel my Membership?

Monthly Pay Members are not paying monthly for the period of time that LEGOLAND is closed. We will automatically suspend your obligation to make a monthly payment starting April 1, 2020. Your obligation to make monthly payments will resume when LEGOLAND California re-opens.

As per the terms of the contract, you will continue to be billed after the 12-month contract date on your contract until you cancel.   As this is a 12-month contract we’re unable to cancel your Membership. (see the section: Terms and Conditions; Rules and Regulations at

Q: I can’t currently purchase a Monthly Pay Membership. When will this be available?
We’ve made the decision to pause sales for our Monthly Pay Membership while we are temporarily suspending our existing Members’ monthly payments. Once LEGOLAND reopens, Monthly Pay Membership will go back on sale again.

Q: I did not pay my March monthly payment and/or my credit card declined this month. Will my Monthly Pay Membership still be able to be suspended for the time you are closed?
No, only accounts in good standing that are up to date on their payments will be suspended based on the amount of time we are closed. If your account is delinquent, your account is subject to the Terms and Conditions of a non-paid account. (see the section: Terms and Conditions; Rules and Regulations at

Q. I have tried to update my information to make a payment in the payment portal and I receive a message that reads the payment portal is locked?
Due to the closure of the Park and the suspension of monthly payments we’re unable to accept any defaulted payments at this time. Default days however will not accumulate during this time so you will still have time to bring your account back up to date once we reopen LEGOLAND. The number of days your account may be in default is 45 before your account is permanently closed.  The days we are closed do not apply to the 45 day default period.