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Brick-or-Treat Auditions

Brick-or-Treat Open Call

Now casting:
Local professional Singers, Actors, and Improv Performers, for our Brick or Treat Season.

Pay: $21/hr for all rehearsals and performances.

Actors and Singers Register HERE
Dancers Register HERE
Video Submissions accepted to

Available Roles:

  • Midnight Monster Jam
    • 1 Female Vocalist (Belter - Pop) Strong dance skills preferred.
    • 1 Male Vocalist (Tenor - Pop) Strong dance skills preferred.
    • 5 Dancers (Hip-Hop, Modern, and Jazz dance)
  • The Witch's Wand
    • Polly/Pauly the Peasant (Comedic Actor) - A random townsperson turned heckler who becomes the witch's assistant's assistant. Acts as a magicians assistant.
  • Dr. Frankenbrick's Lab
    • Professor Frankenbrick - (Comedic Actor, no age or gender requirements) Manic, a little crazed, but most of all obsessed with creating a LEGO man and bring him to life, once and for all proving that Professor Frankenbrick is the greatest scientist of all time.
    • Ibor - (Comedic Actor, no age or gender requirements) Clumsy, goofish, irreverent, but secretly a genius. The fool to Professor Frankenbrick's intellectual.
  • The Astrobash
    • 3 Atmosphere Performers - for a space themed dance party - Strong dance skills preferred, but not required.
  • Brick Or Treat Event Host
    • 2 Event Hosts - Strong Emcee and improvisational skills required. Will host event stages for costume contests and other nightly activities.
  •  Slightly Spooky Scare-Zone
    • 6 "Scare" Actors - Strong improvisational skills required. Needs good judgement for what is too scary for different ages of children.
  • Hotel Entertainment
    • 6 Improv Performers - Perform in various improvisational, scripted, and highly interactive shows for children, including magic, improv games, and mad-libs style storytelling. Also host entertainment activities such as LEGO Trivia, Dance Parties, and LEGO building challenges.


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2 # of Guests
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