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At Our Hotels

At Our Hotels

What changes to expect when you arrive at our Resort Hotels

Cleaning, Cleaning and WAY More Cleaning:

We have introduced enhanced cleaning measures throughout the day, which seek to disinfect high-frequency touch points, such as tables and chairs, service counters, door handles and more. All of this will ensure that your room is fully cleaned and made prior to check-in. Please note that in order to avoid people entering your room in the middle of your stay, we have temporarily suspended our housekeeping stay over service.

More Locations for Super-Clean Hands:

We have introduced a large number of hygiene stations/hand sanitizer dispensers around the Resort for guests to use.

Check Out Our Shiny New Signs:

You will notice new information signage around the Resort that includes key safety messages and instructions so keep an eye out for them!

Extra-Super-Safety Checks Required:

  • Please be prepared to have a non-invasive temperature check before entering either of the hotels
  • Families or parties that include persons with an elevated temperature (at 100º F or above) will not be admitted

Make it a Masquerade:

All guests are required to wear face coverings for the duration of their stay in our Resort Hotels, except while dining or enjoying one of our Hotel pools.

The following are also exempt from this requirement:

  • Children under the age of 2
  • Persons who are hearing impaired, or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication
  • Guests who cannot wear a facial covering for medical, mental health or disability reasons - a letter will need to be presented from a Medical Doctor or qualified health care professional exempting them from this requirement in order for these guests to enter into and remain in the Resort.
    • All guests who present a letter from a Medical Doctor or qualified health care professional with regard to the inability to wear a facial covering will be issued a wristband to wear and clearly display during their stay at the Resort. 

See our face coverings FAQs for more information on these requirements.

For more information on these guidelines, visit:

Social Distancing & Leaving Room to Play:

  • We have introduced new measures to encourage and maintain social distancing within our Hotels and other areas throughout our Resort
  • Clear markers have been installed at check-in and reminder signs posted around the Hotels to help guests remember to keep six (6) feet of distance between groups
  • Our Model Citizens will also monitor the public areas of the hotel to ensure that social distancing is being maintained
  • We have also introduced new arrangements to maintain social distancing in our dining areas. Tables and chairs have been reconfigured or marked as unavailable to ensure distance between seated parties
  • We also ask that groups keep to one family at a time in all elevators take the stairs where possible to help maintain social distance

Get Your Pool Time:

To access a hotel pool, you'll need to reserve a time slot in advance. Guests also have the option to purchase a cabana for additional private space. 

CDC safety guidelines will also be observed within the pool area, and guests will be required to maintain 6 feet of space to play and wear face coverings (when not wet). We will be sanitizing all water play equipment between uses as well as high-frequency touchpoints on a regular basis. Please note that our hot tub will be temporarily closed.

Dine Like a VIP:

Reservations are required for all meal periods to avoid overcrowding in each restaurant, and you will be requested to pre-order your breakfast selection with the option to deliver to your room in place of a breakfast buffet. Our room service will also continue to be available.

Our Safety Becomes Yours:

To keep our Model Citizens safe so they can help keep you & your family safe, we have installed new hygiene screens at many of our service counters to help physically separate guests from employees, introduced new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements that include face masks, disposable gloves, hygiene guidelines, training and more.

Some Entertainment on Temporary Time-Out:

Some of our Entertainment offerings may be temporarily suspended during your visit to help us ensure we are able to maintain safe spaces and activities where social distancing is not easily accommodated. Additionally, all LEGO bricks have been removed from common play areas to reduce cross-contamination.

Extra Care When Assigning Rooms:

Everything in our Hotels is AWESOME! And since our #1 goal is to keep you safe, you may need to stay in a different themed room than you booked so we can accommodate more time between guests. So get ready to switch out your accessories ... you may be going on an unexpected adventure!

Check-out Couldn't Be Easier:

Upon departure, please leave your keys in the room or drop them in the designated key drop off box to check-out.  If you have any questions regarding your bill, please feel free to call guest services from your in-room phone.

Download LEGOLAND California's new health & safety measures.

For more on the most recent CDC and State of California guidelines, visit:

Anyone visiting our Attractions acknowledges that they do so at their own risk.