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    Do you still offer the Ambassador Lifetime Membership?
    As of January 31, 2016, the sale of Ambassador Lifetime Memberships at LEGOLAND California Resort will end. We will continue to offer our year-round annual Passes with Merlin Annual Pass and LEGOLAND California Resort Annual Pass.

    If I am a current Ambassador Member, does this affect me in any way?
    Not at all. We look forward to a lifetime of memories with you! To view your current list of benefits, click here.


    Does my Membership include admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park?
    The Merlin Annual Pass and Ambassador Resort Membership include admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Water Park at LEGOLAND California Resort. Blackout dates may apply.

    Does my Membership include blackout dates?
    Merlin Annual Pass Standard includes LEGOLAND Water Park blackout dates on Saturdays and Sundays during the following 2017 dates: 7/1-7/2; 7/8-7/9; 7/15-7/16; 7/22-7/23; 7/29-7/30; 8/5-8/6; 8/12-8/13. Merlin Annual Pass Standard and LEGOLAND California Annual Pass excludes admission to Brick-or-Treat Party Nights. All blackout dates are subject to change without notice and may change each calendar year.

    Can I upgrade my Merlin Annual Pass Standard just for the day to access the LEGOLAND Water Park during a blackout date?
    Members can purchase a discounted $20 Water Park ticket on the same-day as a blackout date. A $5 toddler fee is also subject for all children under 2. Water Park admittance is based on availability and capacity during summer season.

    How do I receive my Member discount when booking a stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel?
    Pass Members can receive an ongoing 15% discount off LEGOLAND Hotel stays at LEGOLAND California Resort. Reservations must be made in advance and Member discount must be requested at time of booking. To make a reservation please call 877-LEGOLAND (877-534-6526) or book online directly from An active Membership card will be required during Hotel check-in. All Hotel discounts are subject to availability and are subject to change without notice.

    Can I sell my complimentary tickets received with a Merlin Annual Pass Premium, Ambassador, or Ambassador Resort Membership?
    Access will be denied to any or all attractions in the event of fraud or misuse of the Annual Pass and its benefits and the Annual Pass will be withdrawn from any person whose conduct is deemed to be inappropriate in the absolute discretion of The Merlin Entertainments Group. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to, allowing or assisting a third party to attempt to gain unauthorized or improper access to any attraction with an Annual Pass of which they are not the valid holder or any unauthorized re-sale of Memberships, Tickets, Complimentary Tickets, Coupons, or any other benefits associated with this Membership. For the avoidance of doubt, no refund or compensation will be given in such circumstances.

    Does my Ambassador Membership include free admission to other LEGOLAND Parks?
    Yes, your Ambassador Membership includes unlimited admission to all LEGOLAND Parks worldwide for your lifetime. This admission is non-transferable. Please note that parking, retail and dining discounts do not apply. Admission does not include other Merlin attractions outside LEGOLAND Parks.

    Where can I find more on the Merlin North America attractions that are included in my Merlin Annual Pass admission?
    Visit to receive all of the latest information and locations for our North America attractions. The Merlin Annual Pass includes all of these great sites plus more locations coming soon!


    I have had a monthly Membership longer than 12 months. Why am I still being billed?
    Monthly Memberships do not expire and Membership fee will continue until you cancel your Membership. To cancel, please contact us by email at or by phone 760-786-0034.

    How do I change my monthly billing payment information?
    If you need to change the credit card number, expiration date, or billing information that is on file, please call 760-786-0034.

    I have a general Membership billing question, what should I do?
    Please email us at or call 760-786-0034.


    Brick-or-Treat Party Nights is a special event that requires a separate event ticket for entry. Pricing for online and day-of event tickets will be available on the website closer to the event dates.

    LEGOLAND California Annual Pass and Merlin Annual Pass Standard Members can upgrade to a Premium Membership to receive free admission, or can select a Brick-or-Treat Party Nights event tickets closer to the event dates. Member discounted tickets are subject to change and are not guaranteed.

    Event admission is free for Merlin Annual Pass Premium, Ambassador and Ambassador Resort Members.

    Prices, hours and event details are subject to change without notice. Event is subject to capacity and admission may be limited.


    As of December 16, 2014, we are no longer selling the older Merlin Annual Pass. We will honor the pass for all who purchased or renewed before this date. If you are interested in a pass with monthly payments, please see our new Merlin Annual Pass Premium, which includes the LEGOLAND Water Park and Brick-or-Treat Party Nights without blackout dates.


    Do you offer Military discounts on Membership?
    Yes. Military Memberships are available within ITT at your MWR office located on base. Current Military ID is required at time of Membership processing at the Park. Pass benefits include the same as a Merlin Annual Pass sold at LEGOLAND California Resort.


    Do you still offer the Model Mom Annual Pass?
    As of January 31, 2016, the sale of the Model Mom Membership at LEGOLAND California Resort will end. We will continue to offer the LEGOLAND California Annual Pass as a great low pass price to enjoy LEGOLAND California.

    If my Pass is still valid, can I continue to visit and what are my benefits?
    Yes. Members who purchased prior to January 31, 2016 and have an active Membership can continue to use their pass through the expiration date. The benefits are the same and include unlimited admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium on Thursdays, free parking and 20% off dining at select restaurants.


    Where may I purchase a Membership Pass on Monthly Pay?
    Membership Passes for Monthly Pay are not available for purchase online and are only available for purchase at LEGOLAND California Resort at any Ticket Booth, Guest Services or Membership Services. Monthly Pay passes are not available for Membership promotional offers. Promotional offers require Annual Pay.

    What are the prices for Monthly Pay Membership passes?

    • Merlin Annual Pass Premium - $279: $48 down payment and $21 per month for 11 months.
    • Merlin Annual Pass Standard - $199: $34 down payment and $15 per month for 11 months.
    • LEGOLAND California Only - $159: $27 down payment and $12 per month for 11 months.

    Monthly Pay passes are not available for Membership promotional offers. Promotional offers require Annual Pay.

    I have fulfilled the end of my initial 12-month commitment. How do I cancel my Membership?
    Please email us at or call 760-786-0034.

    Do I need to renew my Monthly Membership at the end of the 12-month period?
    No, your monthly membership will continue to keep rolling month-after-month until you cancel with us.

    How do I reconcile a delinquent account or turn my Membership back on?
    Please call 760-786-0034 to update your billing account information and balance. The person whose name is on the Monthly Payment contract will need to provide a new credit card or debit number.


    Can I upgrade or apply the cost of my 1-day ticket towards the price of a NEW Membership?
    Yes. You may apply the cost of your 1-day ticket towards the Membership of your choice. Please note that you must upgrade to a Membership at the Park within 30 days of your original visit and you must present your admission ticket at time of upgrade. Complimentary tickets are eligible for a $10 credit towards a Membership while corporate/third-party seller tickets are eligible for a $60 credit for LEGOLAND-only tickets and $75 credit for Hopper tickets.

    Can I apply more than one ticket towards an individual Membership Upgrade?
    No, only one ticket can be applied towards one Membership Upgrade. For example, if you are buying four Memberships, you may only apply the value of four tickets towards the memberships. It is a 1-to-1 ratio.

    If I purchase a NEW Membership online, how long should I allow to receive my card or how does this work?
    When you purchase online, you will receive via email a Print-at-Home Membership e-ticket to print out immediately after purchase. This ticket will be used to scan at the turnstiles for the first day of admission. During your first visit, bring this temporary Membership 1-day pass to Membership Processing to activate and receive your Annual Pass ID card. Your Membership will be valid 1 year from date of activation, not from date of purchase.

    If I purchase a NEW Membership online, when is the Membership activated?
    You will have 3 months from the date of purchase to activate your NEW Membership at the Park. Your Membership will be valid for 1 year from the date of activation at the Park, not the date of your online purchase.

    When will I receive the 1-day LEGOLAND complimentary ticket when I purchase a Merlin Annual Pass Premium? Can I use the 1-day complimentary ticket on my first visit?
    Merlin Annual Pass Premium Members will receive their 1-day LEGOLAND complimentary ticket along with their Membership card inside of Membership Processing at LEGOLAND during your first visit. The 1-day complimentary ticket can also be used during the first visit by any guest in your party (adult or child).

    Does everyone in the family have to have the same pass type, i.e. Merlin Annual Pass, LEGOLAND California Annual Pass, or Ambassador Resort?
    No. You may mix and match your pass types any way you like.

    Do you have a family Membership?
    No. At this time we do not offer a family pass.

    Can two people share a Membership?
    No. LEGOLAND Memberships passes are non-transferable and are issued in each member's name with their photo. Attempts to use another guest's membership card will result in the permanent confiscation of the Membership pass.


    How can I sign up for e-news?
    Sign up HERE to receive more Member e-news at LEGOLAND California Resort including new openings, special events, offers, etc.

    Why does my family only receive one LEGOLAND newsletter mailing?
    Member mailings are limited one per household, no exceptions. Please email: to update your address or to sign-up to receive our mailings.

    I am not receiving my LEGOLAND Member newsletter. What do I do?
    Each household will only receive one (1) newsletter per household. If you are not receiving this mailing 3 times per year, please provide us with your updated mailing address for all Members within your household and we will update our records to ensure you receive future mailings. Please email us at

    All LEGOLAND California Resort Members will receive direct mail and emails from time to time. These are limited to one per household, no exceptions. Please email: to update your address or to sign-up to receive our mailings.

    I am not receiving my LEGO Club Magazine. What do I do?
    Sign up generally takes 8-12 weeks for processing. The child's name will then be added on to the following mailing. The LEGO Club Magazine free subscription mails to homes bi-monthly with a total of 6 mailings per year. If you have not received your magazine in this length of time, please sign up electronically at or call (866) 534-6258.


    If I purchase a NEW Merlin Annual Pass, is my parking fee reimbursed on my first visit?
    Yes. For guests purchasing a Merlin Annual Pass, Ambassador Membership or Model Mom Membership on the day of your visit, simply bring your standard parking stub with you to Guest Services and your parking fee will be refunded at time of Membership purchase.

    Does a child's Merlin Annual Pass still include free parking, even though they are not driving the vehicle?
    Yes. As long as your child is in the vehicle, the free parking benefit of the Merlin Annual Pass would apply.


    How do I replace a lost/stolen Membership Pass?
    We can provide you with a temporary day pass twice at no cost. However, if you need to replace your pass, there is a $12 replacement fee. If your pass has been stolen, we will replace your pass at no cost with a valid police report.

    When does my pass expire?
    The Membership card includes the date when the pass was first issued. If you have renewed your pass, you can find your pass expiration date by logging onto with your Membership number and zip code. Or you may stop by Membership Processing during your next visit.


    Do I need to renew my Monthly Membership at the end of the 12-month period?
    No, your monthly membership will continue to keep rolling month-after-month until you cancel with us. However, if you wish to recommit by changing to other pass type, you will need to cancel your current Monthly and begin a new Monthly contract by visiting Membership Processing inside the Park.

    How do I renew my Membership Pass?
    To save time at the gate, we recommend renewing online at Online renewals also qualify to receive two Buy-One-Get-One Free Admission coupon offers for friends or family when you renew with a Merlin Annual Pass. Please allow 48 hours for online renewal processing.

    What if I can't renew online?
    You can also renew at Membership Services on the day of your visit or by phone. However, the Buy-One-Get-One Free ticket offer is only valid when you renew online. If you wish to renew by phone, please call 760-786-0034.

    How do I receive the online Buy-One-Get-One Free coupon when I renew at
    When you pick up your new membership card (or if renewing for the same pass you can still use your old pass card), the Buy-One-Get-One Free voucher will be waiting for you at Membership Processing.

    I renewed my Membership online and haven't received my new Membership cards. What should I do?
    Membership cards do not get mailed out and must be picked up inside the Park. If you upgrade to a new pass type, you will need to have your current card replaced at Membership Services. If you are renewing at the same pass, your current ID card will continue to scan at the turnstiles but please allow 48 hours for online renewal processing.

    If my family's passes expire at different times, can I still renew all at in one transaction?
    Yes! Each membership will be extended one year from their current expiration date.

    Can new members in my family qualify for the renewal promotional offer?
    Yes. Each new family member added within the household will qualify for the renewal offer.


    How do I change my address or Membership contact information?
    Please contact us at